IRRIGATION • Micro Irrigation Micro Irrigation or most commonly known as Drip Irrigation, is the combination of several types of low-pressure, low-volume water delivery systems. The difference between the three main types of Micro Irrigation, (Drip, Trickle and Spray), are the differences between the emitters used for each of the 3 applications (the part that discharges the water). Why Micro Irrigation??? The list of the benefits of using Micro irrigation over hand watering, applies both to plants and gardeners. • Saves water • Connects directly to the hose bib and doesn't require cutting water supply lines. • Avoids randomly watering your plants (and the weeds). • Targets the exact area where you want • Installs easily • Delivers water without creating an overly moist environment that promotes diseases. • Adapts easily to changes in landscape. • Reduces erosion on slopes • Improves water-holding capacity in sandy soils. • Drip, or trickle irrigation • Sprinkler irrigation
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